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General Science 

Bill Nye the Science Guy 
Great site if you are thinking of doing a science project

My Reference Desk - Science 
Dozens of science sites to visit…a real gold mine

Eric's Treasure Trove of Scientific Biography 
Want information on any scientist?

Helping Your Child Learn Science 
A wonderful site with all kinds of science ideas for children

Great science site for elementary school students

Science Homework Helper 
Great information on any science subject from Fact Monster

Raders Science Subjects 
A must see science site from

National Geographic Science Homework Helper 
Great science resource

Science News for Kids 
A wonderful science site for young children...all kinds of neat information 

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Gray's Anatomy 
One of the best anatomy sites on the web

Human Anatomy On-Line 
A great anatomy site…hot off the press

Body Quest 
Another nice anatomy sites with pictures

Neuroscience for Kids 
A wonderful site to learn about the brain 

Human Muscles 
Nice diagrams of human muscles 

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MIT Biology Hypertext 
Good information on cells, photosynthesis, molecules and a lot more

On-line Biology Book 
Well worth the visit

Rader's Biology4Kids 
Good site for young kids

N.Y. Regents Exam Prep for Biology 
Brings back pleasant memories for dad :-)

All Living Things 
A fascinating database of all things living…Well worth the visit 

Cells Alive 
Great animation and information on cells…a must for the biology student

Cell Structures and Processes 
Excellent cell diagrams and information

DNA From the Beginning 
A cool animated primer and history of DNA 

Cellular Biology 
Another very cool site on cells…I used this one for my science homework

Kimball's Biology Text 
Very comprehensive…neat diagrams

I Can Do That ! 
Cool information on cells, DNA, genes and other stuff 

The Human Genome Project 
Detailed mapping of genes…can get quite technical but is very interesting

Introduction to Evolutionary Biology 
Great information on the theory of evolution

Frank Potter's Science Gems - Life Science I

Frank Potter's Science Gems - Life Science II

Amino Acids 
More good stuff on amino acids (if you happen to be into amino acids)

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Botany (Plants) 

Glossary of Botanical Terms 

Aquatic Plant Glossary 
Nice site from the University of Florida

Plants Database 
Powerful database from the Dept. of Agriculture 
A database of more than 2000 indoor plants

Suite 101 Home and Garden 
A very comprehensive garden site…worth visiting 

A Modern Herbal 
A great book on herbs published in 1931

Encyclopedia of Plants 
Search for any plant…by Martha Stewart

What Tree is it? 
Identify trees by leafs, fruit and common names 

Common Trees of Pennsylvania 
This is for my friends in the Northeast...a very nice tree guide

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This one is terrific and I haven't even started taking chemistry yet…must see!

An absolutely terrific chemistry site passed on to us by Anita from Australia 

A very nice chemistry site for young children 

Chemistry Tutor Page 
Ohhhhhh, don't miss this one if you like chemistry!

Chalkbored - Chemistry 11 
You just won't believe how much information is on this site - A must see! 

Chalkbored - Chemistry 12 
Packed with great chemistry lessons - Definitely check it out 

Another real nice chemistry tutor site

Erik's Chemistry 
Wow…Everything you ever wanted to know about chemistry

General Chemistry Online 
Terrific information from Frostburg State University

High School Chemistry Hub 
Excellent chemistry links can be found here 

General Organic and Biochemistry
A gold mine of information 

Great biochemistry site passed on to us by one of our fans…try it!

Organic Chemistry

The Catalyst 
Everything from lesson plans to experiments…very nice chemistry site

Eric's Treasure Trove of Chemistry 
We're convinced that Eric doesn't get any sleep 

Periodic Table 
Nice place to find information on all of the elements 

Chemicool Periodic Table 
Very nice looking periodic table

Periodic Table Adventure 
Excellent reference for those new to periodic tables 

Tutorial on Balancing Equations 
Makes it more fun to balance chemical equations

Chemical Equations Balancer 
This site balances chemical equations for you 

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Dino Directory 
A great dino site from The Natural History Museum

All About Dinosaurs 
A fascinating and informative site on dinosaurs…great for young children

Dinosaur Illustrations 
Dinosaurs from A to Z..this is Dinoheaven. 

Web Geological Time Machine 
Wonderful geology site…it's fun to travel in time 

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Earth Science 

Frank Potter's Science Gems - Earth Science I

Frank Potter's Science Gems - Earth Science II

Frank Potter's Science Gems - Physical Science I

Frank Potter's Science Gems - Physical Science II

Frank Potter's Science Gems - Physical Science III

Volcano World 
Exciting site to visit 

Volcanoes Online 
The best volcano site on the web

Volcanoes by Robert Tilling 
Excellent review of volcanoes

Field Trips for Kids 
Virtual field trip about hurricanes, volcanoes, deserts and more…Great!

Rader's Physical Geography 
Elementary level…well done

Minerals By Name 
A real gem…sorry, I couldn't resist

Atlas of Rocks and Minerals 
Nice site

USGS Facts Sheet by State 
Great Geology Information from the US Geological Society

Ocean Planet 
A terrific oceanography site by the Smithsonian…must see 

Tide Predictions 
An excellent source for tide data

Chesapeake Bay Foundation 
Great site about the Chesapeake Bay  

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Etymology (Insects) 

University of Florida's Book of Insect Records 
Interesting insect site 

Images of Insects 
Do you need pictures of insects for a science project or paper?

"Bugs in the News" 
A great site to get information about bacteria, antibodies, DNA, etc.

Featured Creatures 
Common and Scientific names for bugs in site!

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Global Warming 

Global Warming (Wikipedia) 
Good information on global warming

Global Warming Frequently Asked Questions 
Great site from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Photographic Documentation of Climate Change 
Not necessarily convincing...but it's interesting 

Global Warming Research - Presented by Science Daily 
Solid information on global warming 

GlobalWarming - Early Warning Signs 
Signs of weather changes around the world

GlobalWarming - The New York Times 
Good information as you would expect from the New York Times 

GlobalWarming - Global Warming International Center 
More information you should check out 

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Alphabetical List of Diseases and Disorders 
Find information on any disease in this site 

GRRRREAT site for finding medical and pharmacy terms plus explanation of diseases 

Lots and lots of great information on diseases…great medical site 

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Meteorology (Weather) 

Our favorite weather site…wonderful images 

The Cloud Boutique 
Very nice explanation and pictures of clouds

Weather Basics 
Great weather information from USA Today

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Fizzics Fizzle 
The title is creative…the site is superb!…a must see Physics site 

Definitely cool optical illusions…you'll love your visit 

Physics Tutorials 
Very nice physics site

The Soundry 
A fantastic interactive site on sound…don't miss this one

Eric's Treasure Trove of Physics 
Eric's at it again…nice site

Physics Laws 
by Erik Max Francis…I don't know physics, but it looks pretty neat

The Physics Classroom 
Learn all about physics…excellent site

Animated Engines 
Neat animations of all kinds of engines

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Science Fair Projects 

National Student Research Center 
If you are looking for a science project, you've GOT to check this site out

Amateur Science 
Terrific links and a great way to get ideas for a science project

The Science Snackbook 
You will really love the science experiments here 

Science Fair Project Ideas 
Great place to plan out your science project


Science Fair Project Resources

Another great resource for science projects 

Bizarre Stuff You Can Make in Your Kitchen 
Definitely a cool science site 

Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab 
Lots of nice science experiments here…give it a shot

Science Projects for Kids 
Very nice projects…well worth visiting

Loads of science information and links 

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