SODA BOTTLE ROCKETS – Highlights the summer enrichment program where students learn all about the laws of motion while building and experimenting with water rockets, a Newton Car, spitball rockets, and a marble maze.


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Dear Mr. Henshaw – After reading the book “Dear Mr. Henshaw” students accepted the challenge of constructing lunchbox alarms, similiar to the one that the main character Leigh Botts attempted to constuct in the award winning Newberry book.

FULBRIGHT AWARD (Schools)- Highlights of the visit to a Japanese elementary, middle, and high school during the Fulbright Exchange program.

FULBRIGHT AWARD (Japan Highlights)- Progam highlights for the Fulbright Memorial Fund, where American teachers are invited as guests of the Japanese government to learn all about Japanese education, government, and culture.

HISTORY OF MAGIC IN AMERICA – Highlights from summer enrichment course featuring the study of 100 Years of Magic in America and America’s very first magician to appear on television, Mark Wilson.

SCIENCE OLYMPIAD – Highlights from the annual Science Olympiad competion, where students compete against other schools in open ended science related challenges.