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    Social Studies


    General Social Studies | Maps and Flags | U.S. Geography | World Geography | General History | American History | Politics/Elections | Ancient History | World History

    General Social Studies

    Mr. Dowling’s Virtual Classroom
    A must see social studies link…very nice!

    Geography World
    This site has many great geography links…travel the world with this site

    The Mining Co. Guide for Geography
    Anything from reading a compass and maps to physical geography…great resource

    U.S. Social Studies and History Links
    Many good sections from the Fact Monster

    Fact Monster Social Studies Homework
    Many good solid Social Studies facts here

    Fodor’s Travel Guide
    Great way to plan your next vacation

    Lonely Planet
    A great way to visit other parts of the world … Go to destinations

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    Maps and Flags

    National Geographic Society Map Machine
    Excellent…fun site to create maps…try it!

    Xpeditions @
    Maps from all over the world…very nice site 
    All kinds of maps of the United States…don’t miss this site

    Maps and References
    Terrific site by the University of Iowa

    Infoplease Atlas
    Very nice maps from Fact Monster

    PCL Map Collection
    Nice collection from the University of Texas at Austin

    Historical Maps of The U.S. by UT Library Online
    Cool looking historical maps

    Atlas and Geography Links

    Kids Flags Around the World
    Good site with a comprehensive listing of world and U.S. flags

    Flags of the World
    Flags from every country

    U.S Census Bureau Map Finder
    Find a map, any map

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    U.S. Geography

    The 50 States of the United States
    Great site! Contains interesting facts about all 50 states

    Stately Knowledge
    Very nice site listing of states from
    All kinds of information about all of the states

    Fact Monster Geography Homework
    Cool page for U.S. Geography info
    Another great site for finding facts about the states

    Native American Resources
    Links to Native American resources

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    World Geography
    Very good information on world capitals and countries

    Atlapedia Online
    Great way to find good information on any country

    Don’t let the name fool you…it is a great world encyclopedia of the nations… you will find anthems, flags and maps here

    Infoplease Countries of the World
    Tremendous site…all kinds of neat information

    The Library of Congress Country Study
    Need to know ANYTHING about any country?

    U.S. State Department Countries of the World

    CIA World Factbook
    Excellent maps and information on just about any country

    Encyclopedia of World History
    Cool source…check it out

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    General History

    My Virtual Reference Desk – History
    History sites by the dozens

    The History Net
    A wonderful site to find good information on World/American history

    Hyper History Online
    A terrific site with history timelines…they keep expanding this site

    Year by Year 1900-2016
    Tremendous history of the 20th century presented by the Fact Monster

    History and Historiography
    Wonderful site by Carnegie-Mellon University with history documents

    History’s Happening
    A wonderful site on all history

    WebSites for Historians
    An incredible collection of history links…must see!

    Historic Events and Birthdates
    Just enter the date and historic events/birthdates appear

    Introduction to Nautical Archaeology
    A real cool site on shipwrecks

    Inventors Homework Helper
    If you are looking for an inventor, this is the place to go

    Inventors Index
    Another nice site by

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    American History

    United States History
    From colonial times to modern times (Mississippi State University)

    American History Links
    Wonderful site with links to many American History sites

    America’s Story 
    An amazing history website from the Library of Congress

    Liberty Online
    Government philosophy, politics, historical documents, and more…very nice site.

    American History Biographies on the Net
    Wonderful collection of biographies from American History

    Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
    Really cool site…take a look

    The Constitution of the United States of America 

    Exploring Constitutional Law 
    Begin your journey into constitutional law…great site

    The History Place: The U.S. Civil War
    A nice timeline of the Civil War

    A Chronology of U.S. Historical Documents
    Fabulous…the University of Oklahoma Law Center

    Presidents of the United States
    Nice site that gives all kinds of good presidential information

    POTUS Presidents of the United States
    Another very nice presidents site

    A Presidential Exploration
    A well done site with great information about presidents of the United States.

    Presidential Inaugural Addresses
    Includes addresses from every U.S. President since Washington

    Presidential Trivia
    Learn all kinds of small stuff about our presidents

    1492 Exhibit
    History dating back to Columbus

    Plymouth History 
    History around the time of the Pilgrims

    The French and Indian War

    Civil War Home Page
    Very good Civil War site

    The American Civil War Home Page
    Excellent information on the War Between the States

    Virtual Marching Tour of the American Revolution
    Terrific American Revolution site

    American and British History Resources
    WOW!!…great information here (Rutgers University)

    Slavery and the Making of America 
    A well done site on the history of slavery in America

    Black History Links
    Need good information on African American history?…try this one

    The Age of Imperialism
    Very nice site on U.S. foreign policy during the 18th & 19th Century

    Trenches on the Web – WWI History
    Great World War I information and links to other WWI sites

    Encyclopedia of the First World War
    Very good WWI site

    Grolier’s Online WWII History
    Excellent information on World War II

    World War II Timeline
    WWII timeline from 1939 to 1945

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    Race for the Whitehouse 
    A breakdown of money raised by 2016 presidential candidates

    Election 16
    Excellent election information by Yahoo News

    Election Guide 2016 (New York Times) 
    The kind of reporting you would expect from the NY Times – Really good site

    Election Guide 2016 (Chicago Tribune) 
    Solid election information by the Chicago Tribune

    Political Intelligence 
    An excellent summary of election events by the Boston Globe

    Well it’s CNN – of course it’s good

    Post Politics 
    Where all the action takes place – from the Washington Post

    The Living Room Candidates 
    Commercial videos of presidential candidates between 1952 and 2004 – Love it!

    Alternate Campaign Videos

    (use if above FLASH site not working)


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    Ancient History

    Exploring Ancient World Culture
    This is the kind of site you can get lost in…give it a try

    Prehistoric Life 
    A really cool site from BBC…everything from Dinosaurs to cavemen

    Ancient and Lost Civilizations
    A great resource for ancient civiliztions

    Ancient Classical History
    Great site from

    Ancient Egypt – A History of Art and Culture
    Very nicely written information on ancient Egypt…very interesting

    Perseus Project
    An unbelievable site about Roman and Greek history… fun to roam this one.

    Illustrated History of The Roman Empire
    Friends, Romans and Countrymen…this is a cool site

    The Ancient Greek World
    Very comprehensive

    Ancient Greece
    Well done site on the history of Ancient Greece

    Ancient Greece Resources
    Another nice site on Greek history… Great resource

    The Roman Empire
    An excellent Roman Empire resource

    Byzantine and Medieval Studies
    An unbelievable collection of sites…a must see!!

    Renaissance History on the Web
    Excellent source for finding information on the Renaissance

    A tremendous site for Medieval studies…from the University of Georgetown…Great!!

    AP European History Page
    A site rich in ancient European history

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    World History

    Spartacus Internet Encyclopedia of British History
    Very comprehensive

    Encyclopedia of the Orient
    Excellent source on the Orient

    A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust
    This is a tremendous site with very valuable information

    Discoverers Web Homesite
    This site is rich in information on voyages of discovery and exploration

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